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Sunday, 4 December 2011

SIG Sauer P225 and CrossFit

My SIG Sauer P225 arrived this Friday, it came to me with a BAR STO Threaded barrel which is no longer in production. So far I'm very pleased with this firearm, its very slim in the grip which is great for a person with smaller hands. It is basically a scaled down version of SIG Sauers P220 .45ACP pistol and was offered to the German police to replace their Walther PP's. Chambered in 9mm Luger it packed considerably more punch then the Walther while remaining small for the time. The P225 is also still in service with the Canadian airforce and will remain so until Canada purchase a new pistol for its armed forces. Being a single stack magazine it is limited to 8rds, this will mean I have to do more magazine changes in competition but this is something I would personally carry if I were legally allowed to. I'd rather train with something I may actually take into a shoot situation then worry about my times.

When it came to me it had a set of XS big dot sights installed, I've never used these style sights before so it will take some time for me to adjust to them. I've also taken the liberty of installing a P226 DAO hammer and 16lb hammer spring. I plan to use this as a competition gun and I've found that running the standard DA/SA trigger of the SIGs throws me off, so for consistency sake she'll be all DA! The issue I am having so far is the shape of the trigger, it doesn't have a lot of rearward bend which makes the trigger feel heavier then it is. I'm also having issues with the profile of the trigger, being made of a stamped part the face is quite round and it has a tendency to force itself into the first joint of my finger. Doing dryfire drills I can already tell I need to get a different trigger or modify this one, its just not going to work for what I want to do.

I just ordered a set of grips from I've read his wait times are significant but well worth it. And as far as I can see he is one of the only grip makers who do grips for the SIG P225 other then Hogue. The reason I chose to go with them is he will be modifying them to eliminate the decocker notch. It should make the pistol look very streamlined. I chose Maple as the wood, I've never had light coloured grips before so It should be interesting. I'm very pumped to get this pistol together shooting the way I want. I think it'll be a keeper.

The grips I will be getting are similar to these but sans the SIG and P6 text blocks.

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On the weightloss front Ive been stuck between 180 and 185lbs but last week I started doing Crossfit at CrossFit SubZero and feel better every time I come home. The owner/coach there is very motivational, and not in a soft "you're doing great" sort of way. He yells at you and is a prick, I love it. (He's actually a great guy) If anything motivates me to do something its saying I cant do it and making me mad about it. I feel like I can do anything after coming home from Crossfit SubZero, its like a drug and I am so very hooked.
I have to say it isn't your average gym, Its way better!

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