Sectional density:
The ratio of an object's mass to its cross-sectional area. It conveys how well an object's mass is distributed (by its shape) to overcome resistance.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Well, went to see the new Planet of the Apes movie with my father. It was interesting, wasn't quite what I was expecting but I was pleased. I think? It had enough nods to the originals but not so obvious that it would make it hokey. The CG was decent and usually very good but was lacking on some shots. I'm not here to review movies so I'll get to the point. The main thing is that I didn't eat any Popcorn OR drink any fountain pop. I resisted the urge to have even a couple handfuls and feel pretty good about it.

Though it would have been really nice to eat the whole bag and have lots of instant gratification its not worth it. Someone told me once, "Nothing tastes as good as being in shape" I just have to keep remembering that line. Sometimes repeating it over and over when faced with some of my previously favourite foods junk.

In other news, I've been haphazardly trying to get ready for the next CDP match. I'll be running this one and have a few courses of fire thought up. I haven't had a whole lot of time to do any practice drills as of late so I'll be going into another match without shooting since the last one. Considering we have one match per month that doesn't work out so well for me. I'll most likely place 4th or 5th depending on who shows up and how many guys come out. As long as I beat a few certain people I'm doing ok. Really its all fun no matter what, its just nice to win.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

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